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Dr. Serena Satcher, MD

Clinical Advisory

My health journey started at the end of my second residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation when I was tipping the scales at over 210 lb.  I had completed my first residency at a plus 15 lb, in addition to the college 15 from stress.  The second residency seemed like the point of no return, but I hunkered down and read every book on nutrition and weight loss I could get my hands on.  I learned that not all carbohydrates were equal and that everyone’s body responds differently to exercise and that the different types of exercise could also influence body composition. 

Fast forward to 2020 when I was back up to that same point with my weight due to the weight gain of menopause.  I tried everything I could think of and was losing maybe a pound a month.  After about a year and facing other health challenges due to high body fat, I figured it out again.  Seems like this has happened to me every decade after 30! I have experienced that frustrating hormonal weight loss resistance that plagues so many and other health challenges that fueled my interest in 2002 in pursuing Functional medicine. 

I was board certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Integrative medicine, and finally Functional medicine by the Institute of Functional Medicine.  I integrate homeopathy, essential oils, nutritional supplements, and exercise prescriptions within my practice.  I am a Harvard trained medical doctor (MD from Meharry in 1989) who left academic medicine with Triple boarding in Internal Medicine, PMR, and Sports Medicine to help people to get off their medicines, reclaim their health and wellness by rehabilitating their lifestyles. 

I am so excited to be partnering with Dr. Sonza Curtis in sharing and offering this new and innovative weight liberation program with you now.  Looking forward to working with you soon.

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Do you have questions about starting your path back to health? Our patient coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to determine if our approach is right for you.

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