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Start Your Journey Back To Vibrant Health

At Three D Wellness, our team strives to provide you with the most effective and medically advanced techniques available. We are here to guide you back to vibrant health, resolving the underlying causes responsible for your chronic wellness issues.

When we connect on the free discovery consult, our patient coordinator will have a few questions for you so they can assess your case and share how Three D Wellness may help you with your health recovery.

We will likely have a few initial recommendations on potential treatment approaches and will use them to help decide whether we are the right fit for you at this time.

Why Is The Discovery Consult Free?

Do you feel like you've literally tried "everything" when it comes to your chronic health issues?

It's unfortunate that 97% of Americans don't know that there are natural solutions to resolve chronic health issues once and for all.

That's why we are offering a free discovery consult where you can discover how functional medicine can help… and whether it's the right approach for you.

After all, you can't make new decisions without new information… and we'd love to fill in the blanks for you during that free chat.

Schedule Your Appointment With Our Team

Testimonials From Clients

“I was on a statin for high cholesterol, and I had a body fat of 29”

I went to Dr. Sonza Curtis not feeling "right.” I was very lethargic and not sure what was going on. I was on a statin for high cholesterol, and I had a body fat of 29. Dr. Sonza felt I might have "leaky gut syndrome" and put me on a restricted diet. After the 1st month, I was feeling good and better. After the second month, I felt even better and had lost 20 pounds, and my body fat was down almost 5 points. I am now no longer pre-diabetic, I have been off my statins for over a month, and my cholesterol is still going down.
Dr. Sonza has changed my life for the better!
Thank you, Dr. Sonza!

- Jerry Baiamonte

“I came to Dr. Sonza about 18 months ago in incredible lower back pain”

I came to Dr. Sonza about 18 months ago in incredible lower back pain. I had just developed spondylitis (like RA) and was scared of what that would mean since my sister had the same autoimmune disease and was very sick and on incredibly potent drugs with terrible side effects. Dr. Sonza gave me immediate relief with a homeopathic shot and then asked me to research LDN to make sure I was comfortable with that route (I love that she wanted my input!). That medicine and her care for me changed everything! I am now very comfortable and truly feel better than I have in many years, well before my diagnosis! Dr. Sonza is so incredibly caring, patient, and focused on me as an individual. Her office is beautiful and comfortable, and you just feel relaxed coming in. Hers is truly a unique, refreshing approach to patient care--I can't recommend ThreeDWellness enough!

- Kathyrn Roper

“She is truly caring and really listens to all of your concerns"

Dr.Sonza is truly a one-of-a-kind practitioner!!! She is truly caring and really listens to all of your concerns. She has never made me feel rushed, and she always answers all of my questions. Dr.Sonza has helped tremendously with my gut issues and weird appetite fluctuations, which I was experiencing for such a long time and used to feel so horrible. I am so thankful for Dr.Sonza's thoroughness in her approach to figuring out what's going on with your health!! I already feel so much better. Thank you, Dr.Sonza!!

- Amira E.

Take The First Step Today On Your

Journey Back To Health

Do you have questions about starting your path back to health? Our patient coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to determine if our approach is right for you.

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