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Hashimoto's Disease: How Do You Know You Have It?

Hey there, thyroid warriors! It's Thyroid Awareness Month, and we're about to embark on a journey into the mysterious world of Hashimoto's Disease. Are you wondering if this sneaky thyroid condition called Hashimoto's might be lurking in the shadows of your health? Well, let's shed some light on it and uncover the signs you should be on the lookout for if you suspect your current thyroid condition is causing more chaos than you bargained for.

Hashimoto's symptoms

Fatigue That Just Won't Quit: Have you felt like you've been burning the midnight oil, even after a full night's sleep? If you can relate, Hashimoto's Disease could very well be the sneaky culprit draining your energy.

Unexplained Weight Gain: Imagine putting in all the hard work at the gym and in the kitchen, but those pesky pounds keep piling up for no apparent reason. Your thyroid might be sending mixed signals, and it's time to decode them.

Hair Loss: We've all had our share of bad hair days, but if you're losing more strands than usual and your hair is waving goodbye prematurely, Hashimoto's could be the mastermind behind this hairy situation.

Cold Intolerance: While everyone else is enjoying the comfy, cozy feeling of a cool breeze, you find yourself shivering and reaching for that extra sweater. If you're always chilly when others are comfortable, it's a sign that your thyroid needs attention.

Depression and Mood Swings: Hashimoto's isn't just about the physical symptoms; it's also a master manipulator of emotions. Mood swings and even depression can be part of the thyroid rollercoaster ride.

Brain Fog: Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten why you went there? Hashimoto's can be the trickster behind your forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating.

Here's the kicker about Hashimoto's Disease

Conventional medicine often hones in on just a handful of thyroid lab markers, leaving a bigger picture unseen. So, if you suspect Hashimoto's Disease is the puppeteer pulling the strings in your health show, don't hesitate! Be your own thyroid advocate and request a more comprehensive thyroid panel. It's the key to discovering the whole story and uncovering the root cause. After all, your thyroid health is worth every ounce of effort and attention. Let's conquer Hashimoto's together! 

Always check with you doctor

Always check with your doctor about doing a full set of thyroid labs, including Hashimoto's specific markers. It's essential to keep the conversation open with your healthcare provider and advocate for comprehensive testing.

Did you know that in addition to thyroid labs, functional medicine doctors often order an extensive 8-panel lab, which may also include gut health assessments? It might surprise you, but thyroid health and gut health are closely interconnected. The state of your gut can significantly impact your thyroid function and vice versa.

By consulting a functional medicine doctor, you're tapping into a holistic approach that delves deeper to find the elusive root cause of your health issues. They'll explore the intricate web of connections within your body, helping you uncover hidden factors contributing to your thyroid condition.

So, whether it's Hashimoto's or any other thyroid concern, don't hesitate to seek the guidance of a functional medicine doctor. Together, you can embark on a journey towards better thyroid health and overall well-being. Your journey to wellness begins with a conversation! 

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