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Chronic pain with bloating, gas, or indigestion is uncomfortable and interferes with all areas of life. At Thrive, we are passionate about helping people identify the root cause of autoimmune issues so they can enjoy life again. If you’re looking for an autoimmune disease doctor in Roswell, GA, or the nearby areas, our team is here. 

Find Relief with an Autoimmune Disease Doctor

Uncomfortable and unwanted symptoms that result in chronic pain and fatigue can lead to autoimmune issues. Your gut is the powerhouse of the digestive system and the entire body. If the gut is not functioning well, it may result in serious health issues, such as digestive disorders or autoimmune diseases. 

An autoimmune disease doctor can help uncover the root cause of uncomfortable symptoms and help ease symptoms associated with autoimmune illness, including:

  • Food sensitivities/allergies
  • Joint pain 
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Inflammation
  • bloating
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Leaky gut

Our experienced team is passionate about helping people uncover and understand the root cause of their chronic health symptoms. We understand the importance of building and protecting gut health to help prevent serious health issues and enhance immune function. An autoimmune disease doctor will create a personalized treatment plan that helps cleanse your digestive system and improve nutrition so you can begin healing. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

We are delighted to partner with you on your health and wellness journey. Our team is happy to answer your questions about gut health autoimmune disease.

How Can an Autoimmune Disease Doctor Help Me?

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, or your digestive issues result in an autoimmune problem, we can help. An autoimmune disease doctor can help discover the source of your symptoms and reset your immunity to restore body function and prevent further health issues. We take a functional medicine approach to healing, providing a comprehensive experience that promotes healing from the inside out.

What Should I Expect from My First Visit?

During your first visit, you can expect us to spend time learning about your medical history, current health issues, and goals. Our providers may order lab tests and conduct a medical exam to facilitate optimal results. 

Do You Offer Telehealth Appointments?

Yes. However, we require an in-person initial visit if you are not a Georgia resident. We can conduct the following appointments via phone or our secure online platform. Our team works diligently to provide comprehensive care that works with your schedule. 

Get In Touch Today

The team at Three D Wellness is ready to help you transform your health. Contact us to schedule a consultation and begin your healing journey. We see patients at 555 Sun Valley Drive, Suite C1, Roswell, GA 30076. Contact us today to get started.

We Help People In Roswell, GA

Roswell is part of Fulton County in Georgia and has over 92,000 residents. Mountain Park, Audrey Mill Creek, and Primrose Cottage are a few attractions in the area. We are happy to support your health journey if you live in Roswell, Georgia, or the nearby cities

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