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How To Get Into And Stay In "The Success Zone"

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “in the zone,” particularly as it applies to athletes or others who are unflappable as they focus on their goal.

Sometimes you can be in the zone regarding your success and nothing gets in your way; other times you can think you're doing everything right, but you're not really in the zone.

Here's how to make sure you build the habit of success and get “in the zone.”

Achieve Success By Expecting It

The path from where you are to where you want to be is not always smooth or straight. But when you hit those inevitable bumps in the road, your character, commitment, and attitude will help get you “in the zone” and keep you there. So expect success, work towards it and you'll get there.

Success Breeds Success

Having momentum is intrinsically linked to the zone.

It's the ability to continually succeed and build on the past successes you’ve had, again and again.

Most people understand that when they have one (big or small) success, it encourages them and makes them believe they can do anything. Salespeople know it, and they strive for it.

When you have momentum, nothing can get in your way.

Choosing Success

We can all understand that we can choose to be happy or miserable and that our choices will affect our lives for the better or worse.

But when you opt to be happy, you also choose to identify with the accomplishments in life that exude who you are and who you have striven to be.

You can choose to look on the positive side, just as you can choose success. Remember, success is more than just wealth.

Choose the positive side of things and you choose to remember and live your successes, not your failures.

Experts Don’t Know Everything

If you have a plan that seems to go against all the conventional wisdom, but you know in your soul that it WILL work, follow your gut instincts.

The “experts” are wrong all the time—from medical experts who predict incorrectly to future-trending experts who foretell the wrong trends and cost corporations millions.

More than 100 years ago, someone wanted to close down the US Patent office because he thought everything that could be invented had been and that no one would need to patent anything else, ever. So don’t listen to the naysayers and “experts”—sometimes they are dead wrong!


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